Plaster Of paris

405 Gypsum Plaster is a finishing material made by gypsum. A Sophisticated Process of calcining is required to convert high quality raw gypsum in a Fine Plaster of Paris 405 Premium & Eco Plast Range of Gypsum Plaster is made with state of the art Plant & Machinery that produces super rich plaster in terms of whiteness, strength, quality and setting capabilities. 405 Gypsum Plaster Guarantees a plaster that is 100 % suitable for wall plaster, ceiling plaster and intricate decorative patterns like architectural, moulding, false ceiling, etc.

Packing Details :



Plaster of Paris is formulated in rotary kilns by heating gypsum (CaSO4.2H2O) at 120°C where it’s dehydrated partially. The temperature should be less than 140°C.

Salient features :
Easy to spread and level
Low thermal conductivity
No rapid reaction with air
No shrinkage while setting
Does not cause alkali attack
Good heat insulation property
Light in weight and highly durable
Can be easily moulded into any shape
Is odorless and has low chemical reactivity
Good adhesive property on fibrous materials
Gives decorative finish, smoothness, and shine to walls and ceilings
Gives a firm surface to walls and ceilings on which colors & paints can settle

Further Details:

We have customized plastering solutions for all P.O.P. (Plaster of Paris) applications, ranging from ceilings, walls, and home interiors. 405 Plaster of Paris decorations adds the specific and individual touch to a dream home. Placing itself as a reputed brand of Plaster of Paris in Delhi NCR, we are offering ultra super fine and mirror finish, white Plaster of Paris (P.O.P.) which is manufactured at controlled thermal setting. The product is exquisitely grinded , 405 plaster of Paris is specifically produced as a low-density powder that enables it to provide a better coverage area. The Gypsum Plaster we provide is of excellent quality as each bag goes through many strong scientific trials & tests so as to ensure its shrink & crack resistance property stays intact after it gets dried.

Quality Standards

Our Gypsum Plaster are white colored and follows industry quality standards.

Minimum Wastage

Due to its extra fineness. Plaster of Paris has its settlement in a slow process, thus it provides adequate time to the Mason/worker to complete the work.


This high-quality P.O.P. is packed in the accurate quantity with secured packing measures. Plaster of Paris is acquirable in the customized packaging at affordable prices, without compromising with the quality.

Post Sales Service & Support

The brand assures uniformity not only in quality but also in post-sales services such as logistics and technical assistance.

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