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405 Gyp Aggregate Co.: A Legacy of Excellence, Pioneering India's Packed Building Material Revolution

405 Gyp Aggregate Co. isn't just a brand; it's a testament to a visionary legacy and a commitment to building excellence in India. Established around 15 years ago on the principles of  Mr. Ramgopal Singhal, a man who embodied hard work, integrity, and social responsibility, 405 Gyp Aggregate Co. carries forward his unwavering dedication to ethical practices within the construction material industry.

Inspired by a Pioneering Spirit

Mr. Singhal's life and work serve as a constant source of inspiration. A philanthropist at heart and an honest businessman at his core, his strength and dedication set the foundation for 405 Gyp Aggregate Co. His vision for a more efficient and streamlined construction industry led the company to become India's first brand for packed building materials. This pioneering approach revolutionized convenience and quality control on countless construction sites across the nation.

A Team Driven by Innovation

Today, 405 Gyp Aggregate Co. thrives under the leadership of Praveen Singhal, who boasts over 30 years of experience in the building material industry. Guided by Mr. Ramgopal Singhal's principles, Praveen leads a dynamic team that includes his brothers CA Vineet Singhal and Pradeep Singhal (Masters in Business Administartion , Marketing). Together, they leverage their youthful energy, business acumen, and unwavering commitment to Mr. Singhal's legacy to ensure 405 Gyp Aggregate Co. stays at the forefront of the industry

Our Uniques Positioning
Situated Centrally in the National Capital Region of Delhi
Working with a network of over 500+ dealers of building material in the Area
Having an Enthusiastic team to Serve our patrons with best of the serviceTrend Setters of Industry Best Practices in terms of Innovation and Business Relationships
A reputed name in the industry
Proactive in the use of technology and new age ideas to serve our society with the best available building material solutions


Launched 405 Advance Paints

405 Advance Paints and Stainers are now available and are made with highest quality standards in mind.

Introduce Polymer-based Advance Wall putty

In 2017, the team sensed a need of a high-quality white cement based wall putty for its market. And has started working on it, with over 10 months of research, it came up with a superior white and polymer-based Advance Wall putty that provides ultra-smooth walls with mirror finish results.

Came up with a revolutionary product: Packed Fine Aggregates

In 2016, the Management of the company came up with a revolutionary product: Packed Fine Aggregates, Coarse Aggregates & Plastering Sand. Available in 40 kg Packaging, This Product Ensures Quality & Quantity while also taking care of the environment by providing Dust, Rori, Reta in sealed Branded bags.

Cover Blocks

Same year 405 Gyp Aggregate Co. started producing Cement Based Cover Blocks that enable efficiently and precision based shuttering and Pillar Reinforcement applications.

Chalk Mitti

Same Year we launch our second product called HB’s 405 Pulverised Chalk Mitti, Chalk Mitti was made operational within a few days of the launch of POP.

405 Polarized Plaster of Paris

We launched our first Product 405 Polarized Plaster of Paris in the year 2015. With Positive Response from the consumers about its high quality and finishing capabilities, the company got inspired to fly to the sky.

Having themselves established as a privileged partner of a number of home constructors, Founders believed that a superior brand assuring high-quality construction material is the need of the hour.

405 Gyp Aggregate Co.: A Legacy of Excellence, Pioneering India's Packed Building Material Revolution (Continued)

A History of Innovation

405 Gyp Aggregate Co.'s dedication to innovation is evident throughout its history. Let's take a walk through some of the milestones that have solidified our position as a leader in the Indian building material industry:

  • 2015: Building on a strong foundation of principles, 405 Gyp Aggregate Co. launched its first product, 405 Polarized Plaster of Paris (POP). This high-quality plaster quickly gained recognition for its exceptional finishing capabilities, inspiring confidence in consumers and the company alike. Capitalizing on this momentum, 405 Gyp Aggregate Co. swiftly introduced its second product, 405 Pulverised Chalk Mitti, demonstrating its commitment to providing traditional and versatile building materials.

  • 2016: The year 2016 marked a revolutionary step for 405 Gyp Aggregate Co. with the introduction of Packed Fine Aggregates, Coarse Aggregates & Plastering Sand. These pre-packaged materials, available in convenient 40 kg bags, addressed a critical need in the construction industry. By ensuring consistent quality and quantity, 405 Gyp Aggregate Co. not only streamlined workflows but also prioritized environmental responsibility. The sealed, branded bags minimized dust, debris, and waste on construction sites.

    In the same year, recognizing the need for efficient and precise construction solutions, 405 Gyp Aggregate Co. introduced Cement Based Cover Blocks. These innovative blocks facilitated faster and more accurate shuttering and pillar reinforcement applications.

  • 2017: The company's commitment to fulfilling unmet needs continued in 2017. Sensing a market gap for high-quality white cement-based wall putty, the team embarked on a dedicated research and development journey. After over 10 months of meticulous work, they unveiled the 405 Advance Wall Putty. This superior white and polymer-based putty revolutionized the market by delivering ultra-smooth walls with a mirror-like finish – the perfect canvas for exceptional paint application.

  • Responding to a Natural Progression: Understanding the importance of a flawless base for paint and other pigments, 405 Gyp Aggregate Co. expanded its product line in recent years to include 405 Advance Paints and Stainers. These products are formulated with the highest quality standards in mind, ensuring long-lasting beauty and optimal performance for your projects.

A Brand Built on Innovation

405 Gyp Aggregate Co.'s unwavering commitment to innovation continues to drive the company forward. From its pioneering introduction of packed building materials to its ongoing development of high-performance products, 405 Gyp Aggregate Co. remains dedicated to exceeding expectations and empowering professionals in the construction industry.

Supporting Make in India is at the core of 405 Gyp Aggregate Co.'s philosophy. We manufacture our products domestically, contributing to the Indian economy and ensuring the highest quality standards. 

Service through innovation is another defining principle. We are constantly seeking new technologies and ideas to provide the best building material solutions, while also promoting clean construction practices. Sustainability is a core value, and we are committed to eco-friendly solutions for a greener future.

Exceeding Your Expectations

At 405 Gyp Aggregate Co., we understand the importance of exceptional service. Our enthusiastic team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations, from providing expert advice to ensuring timely deliveries. We are your trusted partner in building excellence, offering a comprehensive range of Construction , Paints & Surface Coating Materials to simplify your workflow.

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