Packed Dust, Rodi, Reta

405 Packed Reta Plastering Sand

Packed Aggregates, Being a Revolutionary Product is making its mark by enabling its users to encash the ancilliary benefits along with a cleaner construction practice Coarse Aggregates , Plastering Sand and Fine Aggregates are Flagship Products of the 405 Gyp Aggregate Co.,
405 Wall Putty is specially crafted to keep walls of buildings protected against heat and water.
A firm finish is achieved and serve as excellent base for expensive paints. 405 Advance Wall Putty truly lives to its motto of “Paint kaa Aadhar” by providing a mirror finish base to painting application.

Available Packing: 40 kg
Type of Packing: Sealed Plastic Bags
HSN Code: 2517


Assured High Quality
Net Quantity
Keep Surroundings Safe and Clean
Easy and Convenient to Store and Move
Facilitates effective inventory management
Enables Nil Wastage Construction
Saves Storage Space
Allows Neighborhood Friendly Construction

Net Quantity

Easy to use

assured quality

clean environment

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