Chalk Powder

Chalk mitti is a fine smooth ingredient that is used to finish your walls for painting purpose Its cream like paste helps to fill up the gaps and small pores of your wall so that your costly paint looks even more great Our chalk mitti is hand picked from the land of porbander and is pulverised to ensure that our customers get the best product at best prices
405 Porbander Chalk Mitti is Microfined Whiting Chalk Powder from Porbandar, Gujarat. We offer Microfined Quality Whiting Chalk Powder that is processed from excellent quality Whiting Chalk Lumps from different mines around Porbandar.
The city of Porbandar, already famous for being Mahatma Gandhi’s birth-place, is also the largest manufacturer and producer of High Quality Natural Chalk Powder. For over six decades, this Chalk Powder has been used as one of the prime raw-materials in the paint, distemper and putty industries.As compared to the quality of Chalk deposits in different parts of the world, the quality of Porbandar’s Whiting Chalk is much better in terms of elasticity and plasticity, making it suitable for wider scope of painting and finishing applications

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